Police identify 2 officers who shot robbery suspect

Both officers were placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting which occurred in the 4000 block of West Flamingo Road Thursday night.


Hill: It’s time for Golden Knights to get desperate

Even if Game 6 is not by definition a must-win game for the Golden Knights like the Stars have faced in the past two games, it’s one they must win.


CARTOON: Blame game

The debt ceiling brinkmanship finger-pointing begins.


EDITORIAL: Budget games in Carson City

Democrats must come to the table.


LETTER: The Las Vegas Super Bowl needs volunteers?

You mean this multibillion-dollar endeavor can’t pay its workers?


LETTER: NYC subway tragedy is an old story

Ex-Marine is a hero for trying to protect passengers.


LETTER: The GOP and the national debt

The debt was about $10 trillion after Bush the younger. Mr. Obama doubled it to $20 trillion.


LETTER: The governor, Nevada lawmakers and the A’s

Have we got a deal for you!


VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Left has pushed the envelope

Why are our government, corporations and popular culture colluding in mass suicide?


JONAH GOLDBERG: Can Republicans be persuaded to vote for someone other than Trump?

I’m not saying all of Trump’s most loyal voters are bad or deplorable people.