Las Vegas 2021 Changes You Need to Know

Millions of people are curious to see what the future holds for Las Vegas in 2021. There have been a lot of changes in 2020 in Nevada. Some of those changes will stay with us for at least part of 2021, but there may be others ahead as well. Many are concerned about another shutdown coming to the Las Vegas Strip, especially since other parts of the U.S. have gone into lockdown. There are still fun things to do for entertainment day or night when you come to Las Vegas, but of course your options are limited compared to what you may be used to. You can still gamble, drink, walk the strip and Fremont St, enjoy the free shows and street performers. However, there are no live music, shows, open brothels in Pahrump, crazy parties at nightclubs, pools, and strip clubs. This is a large reason why there are so many deals and discounts in Las Vegas right now for rooms, suites, comps, etc.

We do have construction continuing in Las Vegas for attractions like Resorts World on the north end of the strip that is expected to open in 2021. Virgin Hotel is also set to open in 2021-the original date was in January, but it has since been pushed back. Also, MSG Sphere is still being built, but that won’t be ready until 2023.

2021 will likely include more social distancing, talking to casino staff between plexiglass and a lot of uncertainty about the short-term future in Las Vegas. Planning your trip to Southern Nevada will require visitors to be flexible in their vacation scheduling.

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