What’s NEW in LAS VEGAS for 2021 (And What CLOSED)

Las Vegas’ newest hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment for your trip in 2021. The great thing about Las Vegas is that it’s always changing… There’s always something being torn down to make way for something new.. That’s why Las Vegas as a travel destination never gets old! In this video I’m going to tell you what’s new on the Las Vegas Strip for your visit in 2021. I’m also going to share with you some of the significant closures from this past year as well.

00:00 – What’s New in Las Vegas

New and already open:
00:57 – Allegiant Stadium
01:53 – Circa Resort & Casino
02:32 – Downtown Gateway Arch
03:03 – Nebulaz at Circus Circus
03:28 – Target opened on the Strip

04:58 – Closed permanently last year:
Circus Circus Buffet
Treasure Island Buffet
The Drew
Pok Pok Wing
Flock & Fowl
Lagasses’s Stadium
Morels French Steakhouse
Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill
1 Oak
Carnegie Deli
At the Aria: Aria Cafe, Sage, Herringbone, Five50

Opening in 2021:
08:18 – Resorts World
08:56 – Virgin Hotel
09:26 – Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion
09:50 – Boring Company Las Vegas Loop
10:27 – Pinball Hall of Fame Museum Strip Location
10:55 – Magic Mike Live at Sahara
11:09 – Restaurant Row at Sahara
11:24 – Olive Garden on the Strip
11:43 – Area 15
12:15 – Raiders Restaurant

And beyond:
12:45 – Rio Hotel Renovation
13:13 – MSG Sphere

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